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Craig's List Spammer Fail

Spammers are idiots. Craig's List spammers are an especially stupid and annoying breed.

To: sale-yx2eq-xxxxxxxxxx [at] craigslist [dot] org
Subject: Re #CSVFIELD(3)#
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 17:03:38 -0500
From: loreanrhr [at] aim [dot] com


I observed you live #CSVFIELD(2)#, I have a apartment there as well.

Anyway, I glanced at your post. Look, you do not have to be rid of #CSVFIELD(3)#.

See my weblog for better road to take.

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I've got two current items listed on Craig's List: a computer and a wireless router. I assume this is in response to one of them.

The link in the message went to a Yahoo Search Pad page for "The Honest At Home Cash Method".

Developer Cookies

Fortune cookies the software developer received:

The inflection point of knowledge comes when you switch from the user manual to the API reference.

Just because everybody loves unit testing doesn't mean it gets done.

If you say "no" a lot, then there is a problem either with your attitude or your users.

Certification is not a substitute for wisdom.

Any web-based application in which business logic approaches zero may be implemented as a blog.

The corollary to the above is that every "build a web app in 15 minutes" demo will be to construct a blog.

FAIL: Album Cover Guesser

screenshoot of music album cover guesserI was using the Amarok "Album Cover Manager" tool to fill in the missing cover artwork in my music collection.

It has a "Fetch Missing Covers" button, which goes to Amazon and retrieves the artwork it needs. The lookup often makes mistakes, particularly because I tagged artists in a discouraged "Lastname, Firstname" form. Still, it's easier to fetch them all, then go back and manually fixup the ones it got wrong.

I ran it over several hundred albums. It made a lot of mistakes, but none quite so hilarious as the one to the right. The album cover you see is what it selected for London Calling by The Clash.

I Could Set the Building on Fire

The KOOP radio station fire was written up in Interweb A-list zine BoingBoing. See it here.

I thought the fourth comment from isadrone was particularly funny.

Excuse me, I believe you have my playlist... Can I have my playlist back? He took my playlist and he never brought it back.

It's not okay because if they take my playlist then I'll set the building on fire...

I could set the building on fire.

It's a movie joke. And, yes, it's in very bad taste.

Bombs Away

How quaint! I haven't seen a good Google bombing in a while.

The current target is "dangerous cult".

Why I Love Recruiters (Part CXXIV)

The following email just came across the Austin Rails User Group jobs mailing list:

Hello Austin,

My name is Kayla Pennington and I am a Technical Recruiter at Brooksource, an IT services company. I just left you a voicemail because I came across your resume online and I wanted to touch base with you regarding a permanent Ruby on Rails Programmer position I thought you would match up well with in the Nashville area.

I am not sure what your current work situation is but wanted to see if you would be interested in entertaining a position such as this. Here is a brief description.


Recruiters like this are the reason why I stopped publishing my phone number in my online resume.

I Pity the Fool

Internet Exploder buttonI edit the monthly newsletter of the Capital Area Central Texas Unix Society (CACTUS). For your dining and dancing pleasure, here is an excerpt from my column in the April newsletter.

Finally, starting with next month's newsletter, we will begin publishing in a "Best Viewed with Internet Explorer" format. We will place a "best viewed" badge on our web pages. Visitors who attempt to access the newsletter archives with a non-preferred browser will be directed to page that urges them to upgrade. We'll be ready to go just as soon as we get the final artwork, currently being developed by Mr. Lirpa Sloof.

Harmon Leon's Blind Date

Link: Blind Date, Leiderhosen, and Me.

A relationship involves compromise. For my girlfriend, it involves giving up any hope of ever using her fireplace, because the way is blocked with computers and equipment. For me, it involves living with a television in the house.

I hate the thing. I've spent many years successfully avoiding the one-eyed monster. Yet, I must admit, sometimes late at night, when the girlfriend has gone off to bed, I'll sneak out to the living room and see what's on the tube. Usually the choice is between a shop-at-home show and a dating game show--which makes me want to play solitaire or staple my head to the floor instead.

So, having discovered these dating shows, I think the linked article is hysterical, one of the two funniest things I've read in a while. The other funny thing being an article by Harlan Ellison I was reading just the other day, coincidentally enough, where he recounts his antics as a contestant on The Dating Game. (via mefi)

Linux 1S 0WNZ3R3D

Link: scoirc.txt.

You may have heard that SCO (nee Caldera) and IBM are in a small legal kerfuffle over Linux. Unless you've been following closely, you probably find all the actions and accusations a tad bewildering.

Fortunately, some kind (unknown) person has put together a brief summary of the history. And to make it even easier to follow, it's presented in IRC-speak. LOL!

Interesting Articulation

Here is an interesting articulation. It's an issue I've thought about a lot, myself. I'm glad to see that David has at least sketched out some of the obvious, superficial aspects of the situation. Good job! One of these days, I need to find time to blog my more encompassing approach.

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