Holidailies Reloaded

Holidailies 2007 badgeToday marks the start of both Holidailies 2007 and my new blog. Today, I'll talk about Holidailies. Tomorrow, the blog.

Jette founded the annual Holidailies project seven years ago. I joined in four years ago, developing a web portal interface for the project. It's grown significantly each year.

I crashed and burned on Holidailies last year. We put a lot of work into the promotion and development. Sold a lot of ads. Had more participants than ever before. It was the most successful—and most difficult—Holidailies iteration ever.

Even worse, with all the growth and success, it seems like Jette's original purpose may have been lost.

The original tagline for Holidailies was, "The gift of our prose." Holidailies was suposed to be something that participants did in appreciation for the regular readers of their online journal. (And back then it was a journal. The blog movement was just building.)

With its continued growth and success, it seems like Holidailies has transformed into a marathon contest—as if it's something to be won and prizes should be offered.

So, in an attempt to avoid the burnout of last year, and in a further attempt to recapture the spirit that makes the project special, we're doing Holidailies Reloaded this year.

We scaled back on the outreach. The people who knew how to find us would find us.

We dropped the sponsor ads. That was an awful lot of work for the money it brought in. Plus, if we were successful in scaling back, we wouldn't be able to deliver the same level of audience as we had in years past.

We even planned to drop the "Best of" Reader Panel. The thing is several people expressed sorrow that feature was removed. We even had people contacting us to volunteer to do readings, even though we hadn't solicited any. The tea leaves said this feature would be missed and it wouldn't be hard to recruit readers, so we did a last minute change on that.

Even with the scaled back efforts, the response has been incredible. We were thinking it might be just a couple dozen portal participants this year. We're already up to 144 people on the portal, even more registered for "At Home".

So, while Holidailies 2007 may not end up being any smaller, I still hope we can recapture the holiday spirit of giving and thankfulness as Jette originally intended.


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Thank you

Hi. Just wanted to say "thanks" for the time and effort that you are putting into Holidailies. I participated last year and enjoyed the experience... and a year later I am still a regular reader of some of the journals/blogs that I discovered on Holidailies2006.

Happy Holidailies!


Where can we PayPal you some scratch to support? I am personally "un/reloading" my Holidays, and thus my Holidailies, so I totally get your drift.

Holidailies donations

Thanks for the generous offer and the support.

In a few days, Jette and I are going to unveil the Holidailies Charity Project. We hope that people who want to support Holidailies will consider a modest donation, which, when aggregated across the hundreds of Holidailies participants and readers, could be significant.

Details will be posted to the Holidailies site in a few days.


I'm very happy that Holidailies is on again this year. Many thanks to you and Jette for your efforts.

So Glad to be Back!

I checked and checked and checked the page, and just when I worried there would be no Holidailies 2007, lo and behold! Thanks for all your hard work, and I look forward to hearing about the Charity Project. It's a great idea.

You Guys Rock!

I love the portal and I think that you have recaptured the community feel. If, indeed, you ever lost it. LB