July 30, 2003

Pack my Bags, I'm going to JournalCon

Last week, I momentarily overcame my fear and trepidation and submitted my registration application for JournalCon Austin. Shortly thereafter I returned to my senses, and ever since I've been saying,... (read more)

July 22, 2003

Celis Pale Bock -- It's Baaaaack

Since this spring, Celis Pale Bock has been available on draft at selected fine establishments around town, such as The Gingerman. Tonight, while visiting Central Market, I saw it in... (read more)

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Deep Thoughts

I have been dangled by my ankle--and almost dropped--over the edge of ecstasy. Phew! This is to satisfy a dare. I'm sorry you people had to see it.... (read more)

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Buymusic to Linux Users: Get Lost

Link: BuyMusic.com selling songs to Windows customers. (LA Times via sunspot.net) A new downloadable music service has appeared on the net. Their motto is Get Loaded, but for Linux users... (read more)

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July 17, 2003

It's a Bloggers' Mutiny

Last night's Austin Bloggers Get-Together was a blast. Our biggest so far. It also was the third time in three months we had to abandon the site selected by meetup.com.... (read more)

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July 15, 2003

The Statesman Discovers Blogs

Link: Blogging it with Xlent. David E. Hollingsworth left a comment in another thread pointing out that the local monopoly daily newspaper has started up a blog. There is only... (read more)

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July 12, 2003

Bill Kennedy, in Memoriam

I just received news that Bill Kennedy passed away yesterday. I've been fortunate to know him as a friend, and privileged to have him as a mentor.... (read more)

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What Did We Do to Deserve this Newspaper?

I noticed at the GTOPS press conference that our local monopoly newspaper didn't bother sending anybody to cover the event, even though this was the only media event by the... (read more)

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July 10, 2003

Technology Grants Awarded Today

Link: Telecommunications Commission picks technology grant recipients. (City of Austin press release) The Austin Grant for Technology Opportunities (GTOPS) awards for 2003 were announced today. The GTOPS program, now in... (read more)

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Postmortum on the Texas Open Source Bill

Link: Linux Access in State and Local Government, Part IV. In the linked article, Tom Adelstein discusses efforts to pass state-level legislation that encourages using open source software. He detailed... (read more)

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July 09, 2003

Memo to Self

Dear Self, Your days are more productive when there is coffee in the cupboard.... (read more)

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Austin Branch Libraries Unwired

I noted back in April when the Austin Public Library lit up its first wireless public access point. A second wave of lightings has been done, and a bunch of... (read more)

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How to Cover Your Spamming Ass, Correctly

Link: Dean for Texas (spam sample). This is a case study in spam: how to handle a bad incident so that it doesn't damage your organization. Over the weekend, an... (read more)

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July 02, 2003

Who Killed SB 12?

Link: . . . And On The 1st Day Of July, Assembly Committee Proclaims: “Let There Be Spam!” More bad news for California spam victims. SB 12 promised to be... (read more)

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Filtering No Silver Bullet

Link: Fooling Bayes (Joho the Blog) David Weinburger is surprised a spam message got through his Bayesian filter and into his mailbox. I'm not. New anti-spam methods can be very... (read more)

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