Spiderman 3 is (Embargoed)

I've been thinking since last Thursday how I could write this blog entry in some way that doesn't sound braggy or snotty. I cannot, because I've realized the purpose of this blog entry is to be braggy and snotty. So, here goes.

I saw Spiderman 3 last week.

One of the perks of being married to a professional film journalist is that she sometimes sneaks me into free movie screenings. I've been warned, however, under penalty of severe spousal disfavor, that information about the movie cannot be printed until it's released. So, I won't say anything about the movie other then, yep, I saw it.

I supposed I could discuss the event, but even there caution is advised. I heard a story about a guy who went on a studio junket and wrote about the junket experience and ended up getting banned from all that studio's film screenings. I'd hate to get my wife in trouble by talking about how they gave us free food from the concession (whatever we wanted), or that the reels were shown out of order (which some people are describing as a "true grindhouse" experience).

Come back Friday. Maybe I'll post an opinion then.


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re: Spiderman 3 is (Embargoed)

You're the envy of every 2nd grade boy. As I was dropping my son off at school this morning, they were all discussing and then announcing to their teacher and anyone else who would listen that Spiderman 3 comes out THIS FRIDAY! MAY 4TH! And today is May 1st! And that is ONLY 3 DAYS AWAY!