Welcome to Holidailies. Why the Hell am I Here?

I've been telling Jette for many weeks that I'd help her run the Holidailies web site this year, but there is no bloody way I'm signing up to post.

I just started a new contract a month ago. I also started a new access television show. I'm on overload right now, and have so much more I could be doing. I don't need to be signing up for a month of blogging.

A year ago things were different. I had finished up one contract and didn't expect even to begin looking for a new one until the new year. I was involved in a number of interesting projects that seemed worth blogging about. I was in a good place to take the Holidailies challenge.

Yet, somehow earlier today, when I was fiddling in the database, an urge took hold of me to flip the is_participant bit next to my name from 0 to a 1. So, here I am.

Yes, I know that all sounds very lame. Now that I look back, my rationale for joining last year was pretty lame too.