December Plan

Another big part of my December plan was joining the Holidailies portal, to write about these things. I started the month with the best of intentions. I made a solemn promise to post an article every day for the next month. Moreover, with all the interesting stuff I'd be doing, I promised that the articles would be about something, not vapid postings to fill the space. I was going to do 31 days of interesting things and write about them along the way.

That was the plan and it was good—at least at the beginning. For instance, I did a lot of thinking about and working on desktop Linux, which lead to the five-part installfest saga. Other posts during this time covered a range of issues, technical and otherwise.

Then about two weeks into it the whole thing came crashing down. I caught a bug and spent the next week with a head full of snot, convalescing on the couch. My only accomplishment during that time was watching Dark Angel season one from start to finish.

The next problem was that during the down week, my pipeline went dry. Even when I was well enough to begin writing again I didn't have anything to write about. I made a couple of feeble attempts, but I was going to need time to get re-engaged in interesting things before I would have anything interesting to write.

The third and final problem was with the plan itself. You know that part about no business during the holiday season? Yeah, well that was wrong. It turns out I had discussions with several companies. Today, I landed an offer for a new contract. I'm really excited about this, because it's going to be an opportunity to work with some new technologies I haven't used before.

Eugene Krabbs holding up currency

So, December didn't turn out as planned, and I'm sorry about that. I was looking forward to doing some interesting things and writing about them—as I had the first two weeks of the month. On the other hand, I'm not so sad about being wrong about the "look for a new job in January" part of the plan. After all, as Mr. Krabs says, "I like money!"