It's also my favorite place for a cup of java and wireless. It's comfortable and quiet, with almost always a place to hook in power. The atmosphere is not coffeehouse boho, so the hip crowd goes elsewhere. The locations are all stripmall, but they avoid the stale genericness of, say, Texpresso. That makes it an ideal place to sit and sip and work.

It's been a favorite for a while, but change may be coming. Apparently the chain was sold some time back, and after long months the new owners are finally getting around to making changes. The first change I've seen is a sign hanging at the Far West location, with the new name "Scooter's."

I suspect that there might be a real Scooter. Maybe the owner's nickname. Or the owner's kid. While "Trianon the Coffee Place" may sound a tad pretentions, I fear "Scooter's" may run too far the other way. It seems more appropriate for a strip club (link NSFW) or ice cream parlor than an upscale coffee shop.

I've come to terms with the name change. Now, I'm waiting for some other shoe to drop.

I just hope that with the change they don't decide to dishonor the Trianon "frequent purchaser" coffee cards. I'm just two or three purchases away from my free pound of beans. Discontinuing the card would be a really dumb thing—it's an action that targets your very best customers. I hope they'll honor the current cards to completion, the way Central Market did when they discontinued their coffee program some time back.

Otherwise, just so long as the beans stay excellent and the atmosphere comfortable, I'll remain a fan.


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re: Scootanon

I hope you like Nebraska coffee, because that's where Scooters originates.

They are building one in South Austin, too, on the northeast corner of William Cannon and Mopac.

re: Scootanon

Oh no, this is terrible news, Margaret.

Not to mention stupid. There is a Starbucks just a few blocks down the road that is going to eat their lunch. They are throwing away the differentiation that protected them from that.

I wonder what's going to happen to the Bee Caves Road location, where they do their roasting. That is not listed as a "future location" at the Scooter's site.

re: Scootanon

This SUCKS! Personally I am a fan of their pastries that they bring in from Upper Crust. Now they will probably discontinue that too and bring them in from some stupid generic place like Starbucks does. Bummer!

re: Scootanon

Pictures, please? Or is that too gauche?

Pooks//too new at this to know gauche