Twiddled Privilege Bits Get Me Thirty Days

I've done the backend development of the web portal for the past two years, and this is our third. We're pretty much using the same registration and posting system from last year. Even though it worked fine last time around, it's important to test carefully to ensure the code has not been infected by bitrot.

Which brings me to the reason that I'm here tonight. One evening last week I had to do some testing to make sure that posting works correctly. To do so, I'd have to make some test posts. To do that, I'd have to twiddle my privilege bits in the user accounts database table so that I appeared to be a portal participant. Everything went fine, and posting was verified.

Yet, somehow, my database record with the twiddled privilege bits made it into the live system, and next thing I knew I was listed in the sidebar as a Holidailies participant. I joked about it with Jette, "Hey, look at me! I'm doing Holidailies." Ha ha! No way you'd catch me joining up with those loonies.

The days passed, and somehow that privilege bit never got untwiddled. Now, here we are, on the cusp of Holidailies, and it still says that I'm a participant. Well, I guess I'm in.

I know from watching past years how people sign up with the best of intentions, but flame out within days. What's funny is that I see myself following the same trajectory of that arc. Yet, something keeps me from resetting that bit and bailing out.

On the other hand, this may work. I just wrapped up a contract and I've got a little downtime over the holiday season. I am working on a number of interesting personal and community projects. This could be an opportunity to document some of that.

So, I hope I can come up with thirty interesting things to write about over the next month. I'll try really hard to keep up, and even harder not to suck. If I fail, no biggie. I can just sneak into the database and twiddle that little privilege bit back.


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re: Twiddled Privilege Bits Get Me Thirty Days

This is my first year, too. I'm looking forward to the challenge, but then again, maybe I'm one of those with the best intentions :P

re: Twiddled Privilege Bits Get Me Thirty Days

I was just thinking that Holidailies is like NaNoWriMo...everyone starts out with good intentions, and then you have 40% of the people flake out after about day 2, and some people trickle in and out, and others plug on to the finish line. Kinda funny, eh?

Well, here's hoping you don't bomb out as fast as you thought, eh?

re: Twiddled Privilege Bits Get Me Thirty Days

After posting my first Holidailies entries, I finally had time to scan what else was up. I cracked up when I saw the title of your blog. Maybe you have the answers to all my questions?

re: Twiddled Privilege Bits Get Me Thirty Days

Hey, Chip -- I'm Pooks. I hope to get to meet you for real someday. In the meantime -- muhahaha! I see "holidailies" got you, too? I created a blog just so I could (finally) participate. (Hi, Jette!)