Spam Assassin versus Movable Type

Spam Assassin and Movable Type got into a little tussle today. I have comment notification enabled, so I can see whenever somebody posts a comment to my blog and I can respond to comment spam quickly. My favorite part of the MT-Blacklist module is that it adds a de-spam link at the bottom of these notifications. It allows me to remove comment spam with a single click. My blog ends up being pretty spam free, but this depends upon receiving prompt notification.

I was perturbed to find that a bunch of spam had accumulated on my blog today. I never saw any notifications of the postings, so they've just been sitting there all day.

On a hunch I checked my email spam folder and—sure enough—the notifications had been classified as spam and refiled. I never saw the notifications because they never made it to my mailbox.

So, if you are running Spam Assassin (or similar spam filtering tools) you may want to take care to ensure comment notifies aren't classified as spam. I added a whitelist_from entry to my system /etc/spamassassin/ file, and set it to accept all email generated by the web server.