Movable Type MT-Blacklist Hack: Rebuild after Ping

I recently modified my blog to put the trackback information on the entry page, thus eliminating the separate pop-up. On a stock Movable Type setup this presents a problem. When Movable Type receives a trackback ping it rebuilds the necessary index pages, but it doesn't rebuild the entry page. This means that although the blog main index page may show that a ping was received for an entry, when you go to read that entry the trackback may not be listed. A manual rebuild of the entry page would be required before that trackback was listed.

Phil Ringnalda has published a note that describes how to force an entry rebuild when a trackback ping is received. The note describes a modification to the ping method in the lib/MT/App/ file.

Unfortunately, if you use the popular MT-Blacklist add-on, this method is overridden. For MT-Blacklist v1.63, I had to place the modification in the extlib/jayallen/ file.

I made one other change. Normally, Movable Type calls for an index rebuild after the trackback ping is processed. Phil added a second rebuild: an entry rebuild with dependency rebuild disabled. I combined them all into a single rebuild: an entry rebuild with dependency rebuild enabled. I thought that may be a little more efficient, which is a concern since all this is done while the client is waiting for the trackback ping to be processed.

Here is a patch with this change.