I Pity the Fool

Internet Exploder buttonI edit the monthly newsletter of the Capital Area Central Texas Unix Society (CACTUS). For your dining and dancing pleasure, here is an excerpt from my column in the April newsletter.

Finally, starting with next month's newsletter, we will begin publishing in a "Best Viewed with Internet Explorer" format. We will place a "best viewed" badge on our web pages. Visitors who attempt to access the newsletter archives with a non-preferred browser will be directed to page that urges them to upgrade. We'll be ready to go just as soon as we get the final artwork, currently being developed by Mr. Lirpa Sloof.


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re: I Pity the Fool

Heh!! Does Mr. Sloof have a sister named April? ;) Actually, the only thing I like about Microsoft is the television ad where the MSN butterfly is personified and shown helping people find information. (Yes, I've been marketed to!) Otherwise, Mr. Gates is just another name for Mr. Nomed Natas.