Harmon Leon's Blind Date

Link: Blind Date, Leiderhosen, and Me.

A relationship involves compromise. For my girlfriend, it involves giving up any hope of ever using her fireplace, because the way is blocked with computers and equipment. For me, it involves living with a television in the house.

I hate the thing. I've spent many years successfully avoiding the one-eyed monster. Yet, I must admit, sometimes late at night, when the girlfriend has gone off to bed, I'll sneak out to the living room and see what's on the tube. Usually the choice is between a shop-at-home show and a dating game show--which makes me want to play solitaire or staple my head to the floor instead.

So, having discovered these dating shows, I think the linked article is hysterical, one of the two funniest things I've read in a while. The other funny thing being an article by Harlan Ellison I was reading just the other day, coincidentally enough, where he recounts his antics as a contestant on The Dating Game. (via mefi)