Happy Blogaversary (urp!) to Me

I had no idea what I was doing when I started out. That's evident if you go back to my earliest postings. I think, over the past year, my blog has found a theme and a voice. My blog has evolved to be mostly original content and commentary on issues that concern me. I started posting without a plan, beyond just posting and see where it took me. I think that worked.

I declare my weblog a success. In the past year I have added ten times more content--some reasonably ok content--to my web site than all the previous years combined. Something about the weblog medium and tools make it easier for me to get my stuff online.

I find the most enjoyable part of the weblog to be the posted comments. First, it's satisfying to know you aren't writing to a complete void. Further, it's very satisfying when people find something you've written worth commenting upon in your writing.

Thanks to the people who have been reading over the past year. The coming year promises to be even better. I'm thinking of sprucing things up with lots of Flash and blinkey text.


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re: Happy Blogaversary (urp!) to Me

Happy blogiversary to you! I didn't realize this was your first year (this means I'm your big sister in blogland).

But Flash and blinkey text?! Say it ain't so. ;)