Restrain Verisign


Verisign has responded by digging in their heels and issuing pathetic pronouncements. "Verisign is gratified that millions of Internet users have found Site Finder a helpful service to improve Web navigation," they say. Actually, millions of users have been victim of Verisign typojacking. They did not choose this service, they were redirected against their will. I've not seen a single report of an end-user finding the function helpful.

Verisign needs a bitch slap. Unfortunately, the organizations that should be doing that seem to lack the will and the muscle. That's tremendously disappointing, but not surprising. ICANN has issued a sternly worded warning. Next, comes the threats of double secret probation. The Department of Commerce, which issued the DNS contract to Verisign, has been avoiding the issue completely, refusing even to comment.

Since the watchers are snoozing, it shouldn't be a surprise that those who are aggrieved are starting to bring lawsuits. Three so far. The latest of which is seeking class action status.

What surprises me is that we haven't seen a temporary restraining order to block the Verisign Site Finder. IANAL, but that seems like a move that would be valuable and feasible. It should be easy to convince a judge that Site Finder may be causing harm, and therefore the previous status quo should be restored while the issue is litigated.

At T plus three weeks, Verisign is digging in their heels. The watchdogs appear to be snoozing. It seems like it may be the courts that resolve this issue. That could take months. A TRO, however, can be had quickly. I hope somebody out there is pursuing one.

Update: Turns out this strategy is exactly the one Go Daddy is pursuing in their lawsuit.