Happy Unwiring Day

Today is the day I finally cast off my Ethernet cables. I got wireless networking running on wiener.

Wiener is an old Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop. It dual-boots Windows 98 and Mandrake Linux 9.1, primarily Mandrake. Everybody kept telling me how easy it is to do wireless networking on Linux: you just plug it in and everything automagically happens. Unfortunately, all that ever happened for me was groans and moans.

Then, thanks to Google, I discovered this was a known problem with the Inspiron. This article pointed me to the fix. Once that was applied, everything fell into place.

I brought up the pcmcia subsystem and prepared for my slog through the manuals to figure out the networking configuration. Turns out the darn thing just configured itself, found a network and connected right up to it. Dare I say that once setup, Linux wireless networking is even easier to manage than Windows XP.


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re: Happy Unwiring Day

I use linksys adapters, and my experience is that under XP the adapters they default to channel 3, while channel 6 is supposed to be the default for USA.

Like that was really relevant. I love wardriving my neighborhood.