My Sick Pussy

In response to the previous problems, I switched him from dry food to canned, which made him tremendously happy--for a few days. Then, earlier this week, he just stopped eating entirely, and now shows little appetite. He mostly just lays on the bedroom floor and lets out a half-hearted meow when I walk by. He doesn't seem to be in pain, just listless.

I'd like to do everything for him I possibly can. That, unfortunately, due to current economic conditions, may not be much. I've already spent over half my October rent on veterinary tests. It's not going to help anybody if I get the cat cured, but we get kicked out of the house.

I've seen one friend spend insane amount of money on a cat's final weeks. I won't say who or how much, because he'd probably be embarrassed by the amount. I will say, however, if I had the money in the bank as he did, I'd probably do the same.

The cat is with the vet right now, left for the day. They are going to rehydrate him and run a urinalysis. When you leave the cat, they make you fill out a form and indicate what to do if they encounter problems. You can authorize procedures up to a certain amount or tell them to just perform emergency procedures. I checked the "let 'em die" box.

It's weird being home, without a kitty crawling around. I don't like it, and it's not something I want to have to get used to.


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Chinacat is in my thoughts and prayers.

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Oh, oh dear. My heart hurts for you. I have walked this path before. You and kitty are in my thoughts. Please feel welcome to email or call if you need to talk, or just need someone to be there with you.

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Cat-healing thoughts in your direction.

- Adina

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Kitty purr power feelings of warmth and calm...

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Town Lake puts down hundreds of cats and dogs (well I don't know what the actual rate is) every month. We just adopted a young healthy puppy.

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I'm thinking about you. I lost 2 cats this year after stays in the kitty ICU. Have you tried feeding him boiled chicken and rice?

Hopefully it's something as simple as a stuffy nose. Cats won't eat what they can't smell.

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Thanks, everybody. So far, x-rays and urinalysis are suggesting kidney problems. We're not sure why, and I'm probably not going to pay for the testing to find out. I'm giving him anti-biotics and force feeding him Hill's K/D. Otherwise, he seems comfortable, albiet weak.

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I'm a proud owner of a ~$5000 cat.
The first $2500 was for leg surgery for a broken knee, including a full erector set (RoboKitty).

The second $2500 was for emergency surgery to remove a huge ball of felt stuck in her intestines.

The cat is now just 3 years old. :-)