Bloggers Protest, Nobody Cares

Last week offered yet another reality check on how disconnected webloggers can be from the real world. Last Friday was Fair and Balanced Friday. I participated along with scores of other bloggers. It was a very, very big thing in the ... *roll eyes* ... blogosphere.

But out in the real world, nobody much cared. A Google News search on the phrase fair and balanced locates 470 articles. Refining the search to just those articles dealing with the Friday event yields zero.

So the bloggers patting themselves on the back about their grand protest may want to consider that maybe nobody noticed. Particularly Fox.


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re: Bloggers Protest, Nobody Cares

Yet another example of how "echo chamber" is a synonym for "blogosphere".

Did anyone ever think that this whole "scandal" was a setup, so that Mr. Franken could sell more books? (last check put it at #1 on Amazon's top sellers list and the book isn't even out yet)

re: Bloggers Protest, Nobody Cares

sounds like it got the attention it deserved. Silly non-issues...


...and worshiping A-listers for the self-important SOBs they are. Yea!

not bitter much,

re: Bloggers Protest, Nobody Cares

A Fair and Balanced Flash Mob, that's the ticket!

re: Bloggers Protest, Nobody Cares

Wait a minute - people actually took this seriously? I thought it was pretty much a joke that everyone got in on. I didn't think it was about "showing Fox" or making any real statement. I thought it was a bit of fun... did people actually think something "would come of it" in some meaningful way? The whole thing was silly!