postping: A Utility for Trackback Aggregation

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In one of the earlier incarnations of the Austin Bloggers web site, we used a simple utility to aggregate trackback pings into a meta-blog. This system would encapsulate the trackback into an article, and post it to a Movable Type weblog.

I have received periodic queries for this utility. I finally got around to packaging it up and publishing it in my software archive.

We no longer use this utility. We currently use a more sophisticated system. I wrote an earlier article that discusses the evolution of this site. It explains the reasons for moving from the simple utility (published here) to the more sophisticated (but as of yet unpublished) package currently in use.


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re: postping: A Utility for Trackback Aggregation

Am I right in thinking that you can achieve what does with out-of-the-box functionality in Movable Type? You could just set up a category (or individual entry) to accept pings, and display those, with links, in a similar manner to the austinbloggers site via MT tags? Or am I missing something?

re: postping: A Utility for Trackback Aggregation

That's pretty much the idea. If you have a Movable Type blog, then you can use this to add meta-blog functionality to it.

re: postping: A Utility for Trackback Aggregation

Using the out-of-the-box functionality means you can't do things like let people leave comments on aggregated items - at least as far as I've been able to figure out. If you want full MT functionality for your trackbacked posts, you'll need postping.

(Did I mention the eternal gratitude? Postping is great. Thanks so much for releasing it!)

re: postping: A Utility for Trackback Aggregation

Hey Chip - I've been futzing with postping for a few hours now... what I'm trying set-up is a calendar blog where people can use the manual form to submit an entry - and use the datecreated field as the date and time of the event. Tried taking out comments in the datecreated variable and passing dates (in ISO format) but nothing yet. Any ideas? Basically take a Day, Month, Year, Hours and Minutes and concotenate them into an ISO date and then slap that in the ping as a datecreated.

Learning a lot though! Thanks in advance for any help...

re: postping: A Utility for Trackback Aggregation

Andy - The entry parameters (including the dateCreated field) are passed to a metaWeblog.newpost call. That's documented here. That page says it should be in ISO.8601, presumably something like "1993-02-14T13:10:30".

That said, I'm skeptical of what you're trying to do. I've heard of add-on modules for Movable Type that allow custom database fields. That seems more appropriate to me.