Pack my Bags, I'm going to JournalCon

JournalCon 2003Last week, I momentarily overcame my fear and trepidation and submitted my registration application for JournalCon Austin. Shortly thereafter I returned to my senses, and ever since I've been saying, "My god, what have I done?"

The Web Writers' Weekend brings together journal writers from across the country. Austin was selected to host the event this year.

This is all fine except for one thing. I ain't no journaler. I'm a blogger.

I know that we are all supposed to hold hands and sing kumbaya, because it's all one big, happy web. That's crap. Journaling and blogging are two different things.

Sure, there are some people that blur the line. Maybe it's hard to articulate the differences. Nonetheless, if I threw up a web page and asked, "Blog or not," nine out of ten dentists would agree. (Memo to self: register

So, I feel a bit like a spy infiltrating the enemy camp. Or the ugly American visiting a foreign land. It's a bit scary, but it could be an exciting trip. Who knows, I might even run into a few fellow bloggers along the way.


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re: Pack my Bags, I'm going to JournalCon

Well, I'm going. Hell, I'm moderating a panel. Eeeeeek! Never done that before. So you'll see one friendly face, at least.

As for the question of whether one is a blogger or a journaler... I consider myself bi. ;) Twice the love, twice the fun. ;)

re: Pack my Bags, I'm going to JournalCon

Poor Chip is in denial...

Does anyone ELSE see the irony of him posting a very journal-like entry on this topic?

:) I'm going too, Chip... today's payday, so I'll finally register.

re: Pack my Bags, I'm going to JournalCon

It's awesome you all are going. Actually, I'm looking forward to it. It should be fun. Maybe I'll get lucky and pick up some hot journaler chick.

re: Pack my Bags, I'm going to JournalCon

For many people, the line truly is blurred between blogging and online journalling. I've seen sites called blogs that use Blogger but contain content I would label as journal-like. I've seen journals that occasionally venture into blog-style entries with a posted link and a short opinion related to the link. Hybrids are everywhere.

The JournalCon Host Committee decided that we wanted to be more inclusive this year. We're offering panels that focus on topics related to what you might consider traditional weblogging. We're also offering panels about issues that all personal Web publishers might find interesting.

It's the first year that JournalCon has attempted this, so it's natural that the blogger folks might be a little suspicious. I'll be eager to hear your feedback afterwards on whether we succeeded in appealing to all kinds of Web publishers, including traditional bloggers.

Hey, I'm all about uniting journallers and bloggers, any way I can.

As for hot journaller chicks, I guess it depends on the Austin weather and the Omni's air conditioning system.

re: Pack my Bags, I'm going to JournalCon

I have no idea what my site is anymore, I just know that I write in it a lot more often and usually shorter. I think we're all just trying to get our thoughts out there, have an audience, get the words out. Sometimes it feels like a journal, sometimes it feels like a blog. Sometimes it's a blog dipped in nutella, brushed with a diarist glaze and peppered with a photo journal paprika.

I've stopped trying to define it. It just takes time away from actually writing "It."

re: Pack my Bags, I'm going to JournalCon

I'm happy you are going to be there. It's all about the person behind the site, and you've been to several Journaler's events and seem to fit in well... we all like you and want you to hang around... smart, informed, opinionated people are always welcome.

re: Pack my Bags, I'm going to JournalCon

LOL @ Jette's air conditioning joke. If that's all it takes, I'd rather be a "cool" chick than a "hot" chick any day.

Maybe we need a word for bloggish-journals and journalish-blogs. Or maybe I'll just rename my site journalish-blog, as I kinda like that. But since I paid to register, I guess I should figure out how to use it. Right now it's just wasted space. Why is the stuff I REALLY need to know never in the books? Whoa, I think I just summed up my life in one sentence. Must go contemplate.