The Statesman Discovers Blogs

Link: Blogging it with Xlent.

David E. Hollingsworth left a comment in another thread pointing out that the local monopoly daily newspaper has started up a blog. There is only one posting there, but already things are looking pretty bleak.

Let me count the ways.

  1. No recognition that there even exists a blogging scene in Austin. In fact, Austin is blessed with multiple vibrant scenes. I'm thinking: Austin Bloggers, Austin Journal Writers, the bizarrely arbitrary Koax list, the Live Journal alternate reality. That's a few that come to mind. Yeah, Statesman, here's a big fat sloppy thank you for discovering weblogging and introducing it to Austin. Jeesh, now I know how the Indians must have felt when Columbus "discovered" America.
  2. For their example of weblogs, they trot out a small list of the old hoary warblogs we all know and ignore. You probably can guess the list even without visiting the article.
  3. No permalinks. Sorry Chuckles, that's not a weblog. It's just a periodically updated web page.
  4. And the clincher: no comments. This is so very wrong. Man, talk about dead tree media not getting it. Journalist blogs can have comments, you know.

Guys, this is not a blog. This isn't even a bad doppelganger of a blog. It's like, "Woo hoo! We discovered the Interweb!"

Nonetheless, there is hope. All blogs suck, at first. The problems I listed can be fixed. The question is, are the authors of the Statesman's blog willing to change and adapt to what works and what people want? I suspect that may be one of the greatest difficulties of business blogs. Have the authors been empowered to make the changes necessary for the blog to work and thrive?

As fun as it is to slag the Statesman, I'd prefer to see this work. In the aforementioned thread, I was expressing my frustration with the paper's local news coverage. This blog could be a solution to that problem. For instance, let the Business/Tech section remain the Chamber of Commerce mouthpiece that it is, and use the blog to cover some of the interesting developments that matter to the local community.

So let's all welcome our local monopoly daily newspaper to the (cringe) blogosphere. And let's pray they never post an article that actually uses the term "blogosphere".


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re: The Statesman Discovers Blogs

From the Statesman blog (or should I say "blog"?):

This will, instead, be a place where we can offer the sorts of things that we can't put in the paper proper: libelous statements, explicit obscenity, left-wing proselytizing.OK, I kid. You won't find any of that here.

Well, at least not left-wing proselytizing.

re: The Statesman Discovers Blogs

It's not always the first in the pool that is best in the pool, but then again, with the art writers at the AAS, their blog might need a name like xsnot.

BTW: you think livejournal is an alternative reality? is another astral plane.

re: The Statesman Discovers Blogs

It's also kind of sad that the definition of blog they quote came from ... as if advertising were the reason that blogs exist. :-/

re: The Statesman Discovers Blogs

Thanks for the cool link to One of the more interesting places i've seen. After years of lurking on a.g, r.a.b, et. al, that page is probably the most bizarre collection eclectic personal rubbish I've ever seen in one page of webspace! And I mean that in a good way...

re: The Statesman Discovers Blogs

Austin! Always on the cutting edge of current trends. As for me, I don't have comments in my blog because I'd rather not give the idiot element an engraved invitation to let their tiny little frustrations out on me. Been there already. If someone has a beef with me, they can say it to my face and leave an email address.