What Did We Do to Deserve this Newspaper?


I noticed at the GTOPS press conference that our local monopoly newspaper didn't bother sending anybody to cover the event, even though this was the only media event by the City today.

I often get frustrated about the really cool hometown technology stuff that our local daily newspaper fails to cover. I made a snide comment to somebody that we should have printed the GTOPS press release on letterhead from Austin Ventures (motto: Official Financier of the Austin Technology Bubble). Then the newspaper would have been sure to run it. But I was only kidding!

I've been keeping an eye on the paper, watching to see if they'd at least run a mention from the press release. I was checking this afternoon and almost choked on my lunch when I saw no GTOPS news, but sure enough they ran yet another Austin Ventures story. What is this world coming to when my most bitter, cynical rantings come true?

So, here's what I'm thinking: it's clear that the local paper's technology coverage has, is and will evermore suck. The Statesman hasn't even gotten around to doing their "Blogging is the Next Big Thing!!!" article, and most every paper has done that one by now. (An archives search returns only two mentions of the word blogger, one about that CNN dude and another from SXSW.)

So, let's start a pool. When do you think the Statesman will discovering blogging and run their "next big thing" article? I'll put a buck on September or October of this year. I've got a hunch the buzz around (Presidential candidate) Howard Dean is going to spur them into finally doing it.


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re: What Did We Do to Deserve this Newspaper?

Obviously the Statesman isn't running a blog article because there's no local angle.

re: What Did We Do to Deserve this Newspaper?

Looks like the Stateman's "XLent" team is toying with blogging.

re: What Did We Do to Deserve this Newspaper?

Nice proposition! I think the "over/under" for this would be before or after September 30. And I'd take the under. If I had to pick a single month, I'd say August.