Creative Commons License May Create Dangerous Liability

Link: An issue people may not be aware of with the Creative Commons licenses.

The writings of this weblog used to be provided under a Creative Commons License. Effective immediately, and with large amounts of disgust and anger, I have terminated that.

The intent of adopting that license was to allow people to copy and use any information I publish on my weblog. The actual effect, however, is that I ended up making representations and warranties that create significant legal liability on my part.

I am quite perturbed by this. It is completely my fault: I failed to do an adequate review of the legal document before adopting it. I trusted the Creative Commons folks to not get me into trouble. That's why I'm feeling somewhat hoodwinked about the whole ordeal.

So, at least for the time being, I've replaced the CC license with, "All rights reserved." Contact me if you want permission to copy.


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re: Creative Commons License May Create Dangerous Liability

I shudder to think I free I am with advice but I don't think any of it is ever taken seriously. People in real life don't listen to me so why should fellow bloggers?