Three Most Important Things

Fire! Fire! Fire!This morning, I discovered the three most important material things in my life.

Around 7 this morning, I was awoken by the smell of acrid smoke. I looked out my bedroom window and saw the neighbor's backyard engulfed in flames. The morons next door had managed to light the debris in their backyard on fire. The fire had spread to the wooden fence at the back of their lot. From there it would move to the fence between our yards, and then to my apartment building.

I called 911. They had a report of the fire, but not the address. I gave them directions and they were on their way.

Now, the fire was really raging. The smoke had gotten so dense and so black, it nearly obscured the flames. The fence between our lots had not caught yet, but there was a real possibility I would need to abandon my apartment. So, I began preparations to flee and started to gather what possessions I would be able to take.

Fortunately, the fire department arrived quickly and soon had the blaze under control. So the damage was limited to burning, stinging eyes that lasted about an hour.

I did learn, however, which possessions I prize the most. They are: my cat, my computer workstation and my pants.

Feb 26 update: I've posted an update to this article.


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re: Three Most Important Things

It was weird for me to read this entry because about five minutes before reading it, I had said to myself, "If there ever was a fire, I have no idea how I would get all my CDs out safely." Anyway, that was considerate: not to leave the cat in the hypothetical fire.

re: Three Most Important Things

I feel terrible for this, but I must aadmit, I laughed out loud at the punchline for this post! Cat, computer, PANTS! Ha! For me it'd be computer, photo album, envelope of important documents (birth certificate, etc) that I have in my file cabinet, I guess.

And for lee... I have one word for you cd problem:


re: Three Most Important Things

Chip, glad that you and your cat are ok!

- Adina

re: Three Most Important Things

When I was a little kid, my family had a menagerie of pets. I had nightmares that there would be a fire and we couldn't get all the cats out.

When I was older, living in Chicago, the coach-house behind my apartment building (only 20-30 feet behind) caught fire when a drunk lit an abandoned couch in the alley. My building suffered nothing worse than smoke damage, but it was scary.

It was the middle of the night. I grabbed my bathrobe, shoes, and wallet. The wallet came in handy for buying beers to hand out to my neighbors--we were all pretty rattled.

re: Three Most Important Things

Heh, your story could end up like this story:

THis is a hilarious romp about a redneck neighbor.

Glad the chinacat is safe. :)