Austin City Boosters Get Desperate, Sleazy

Thing are getting so desperate in Austin that the city boosters are resorting to spam.

To: chris sherman <chris [at] greateraustin [dot] com>
From: "chris sherman @ GreaterAustin" <chris [at] GreaterAustin [dot] com>
Subject: Invite: Austin Small Business Growth Conference this Tuesday Feb 18
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 18:52:05 -0600


The Greater Austin Business Growth Conference takes place this coming Tuesday, February 18 at the Austin Convention Center. The conference is a one-day event for small business owners, founders and operators in Central Texas looking to grow and expand their businesses.

Featured speakers at the spammer's conference include city councilmember Will Wynn and ice cream mogul Amy Simmons. How unfortunate to see these people aligning themselves with spammers.


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re: Austin City Boosters Get Desperate, Sleazy

Wow! I'm starting to think your definition of SPAM is more loose than mine. In fact, I'm not sure anymore that I haven't sent you SPAM...

I'd love a formal "Chip-definiton"

re: Austin City Boosters Get Desperate, Sleazy

I am also curious. Did I miss something from your post that said this way for spammers? Not that I like spammers. Believe me, I get about 200 pieces a day. That's what I get for having the same email for 8+ years.

re: Austin City Boosters Get Desperate, Sleazy

David - I prefer the simplest definition: spam is email sent in bulk without permission of the recipient. There are more formal definitions, but I think that statement captures the essence.

The conference advertisement fails both parts of the spam test: was it bulk (yes) and did they have permission (no).

I've never seen an email from you that's been questionable on either of these conditions.

Joshua - Sorry, I'm not understanding the question.

re: Austin City Boosters Get Desperate, Sleazy

So let's say I find a completely different volunteer opportunity and blast an email out to my mailing list of 100 or so IT people...

I guess that counts as SPAM, then? It's bulk (small bulk, but bulk, nonetheless), and I didn't get your permission to send you additional email.

I think I'm going to be more diligent, at least, to include opt-out text at the bottom of my mass emails.


re: Austin City Boosters Get Desperate, Sleazy

I talked to Chris Friday, and he assured me they aren't spamming a purchased list. It sounds like they acquired several lists from groups around town, and sent mailings to those people. The problem is he has no accounting for the lists, and you need an audit trail to demonstrate permission. He said he'd investigate where my name came from and get back to me.