FTC Schedules Spam Workshop


Link: FTC to Hold Three Day Public Spam Workshop

The FTC is scheduling a 3-day workshop this spring (April 30 through May 2) to "address the proliferation of unsolicited commercial e-mail and to explore the technical, legal, and financial issues associated with it."

The last time the FTC held hearings on the spam issue was all the way back in 1997. That workshop lasted for just half a day. The increase to three days alone indicates the seriousness of the current spam problem.

Back then the FTC failed to respond aggressively, so the results were discouraging. That workshop closed with the FTC encouraging the marketing and ISP industries to develop their own regulations to manage the problem. As I noted in a recent posting, the idea that industry can be depended on to watch out for consumer interests is an exercise in wacky pre-bust thinking. I hope this time the FTC is more willing to exercise its regulatory capabilities.