Link: NASA Press Release #03-030

Their sacrifice in the cause of science and for the advancement of humanity is the noblest, and the most tragic.

Updated 5:36 PM: It had been another very late night of hacking, so I'm surprised I awoke a little after 8am CST today. I don't know what aroused me, but I stumbled bleary eyed out of bed. I poured a bowl of cereal and sat down for the morning news. Yahoo! had an article with a "posted one minute ago" tag. It was one of those flash stories, just two paragraphs saying contact with the shuttle had been lost and it never landed. "Oh bummer," I thought and crawled back into bed, still half asleep.

I awoke a few hours later and it finally dawned on me. "Oh fuck! The shuttle has been lost."

I'm still surprised that something should stir me this morning. Doesn't seem likely the booms were audible here in Austin.


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re: Tragedy

I heard about it on the ham radio, I was in my home server room and I heard Ron telling George about it so I flipped on the tv and started surfing CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. and I fired up The lesson is that we are very, very ill prepared in terms of safety. Even if they had known they were in trouble, a space walk would have been risky, they didn't have enough fuel to make it to the space station and it would have taken at least another week to get another shuttle up on a rescue mission.

All the NASA budget cuts have forced safety on to the back burner.

It was one of the four huge events in our lifetime that we'll remember where we were when it happened.

Where were you?