Rah! Rah! Open Source

Tux the PenguinToday, I participated in a panel at the Fifth Annual National Community Network Conference called Open Source Issues. It was the first outing of the EFF-Austin Open Source Posse (open source has a posse ... get it!?!?) I think we did a pretty damn fine job for a first outing.

Jon Lebkowsky organized the panel, and did a great job arranging a discussion that came at the issue from several directions. My presentation was entitled Open Yourself to the Idea of Open Source. Other people covered the cold, hard realities of OSS, I just wanted to get people fired up. I did so through a combination of three approaches. First, I suggested that irrespective of price, open source software can sometimes be a better solution than proprietary software. Second, I showed the attendees some of the groovy things available when you consider open source. Finally, I pointed to Tux the Penguin and said, "Isn't he cute? Don't you want to use his software?"

I think some of those approaches may have been more effective than others.

David Nunez, a fellow panelist, has posted his comments on the session.