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A Visit to the Journalers

Last night, I followed David's brave example and dropped in on the Austin Journal Writers' happy hour. It appears I have emerged unscathed, with minimal damage. Hopefully the same can be said for the journal writers I met.

Talking 'bout Meta-Blog

Several folks around town have been blogging about the meta-blog technology that powers the Austin Bloggers web site.

David Nunez wrote up an article on the presentation I did during SXSW Interactive. He included a photo of the session showing me and the backs of some A-Listers heads.

Adina Levin, who is the original architect of the meta-blog, wrote an article about another site that is using the technology we developed. That project is using a previous version, which lacks the scalability and features of the current release, but is simpler to manage. One challenge I've got is that once the feature set stabilizes, I need to package up a release that makes this version easy to setup and manage.

New Spam Meme


Link: Spam's Cost To Business Escalates. (Washington Post)

Oh golly, is it that time again? Seems every 2-3 months, the conventional thinking on email spam changes. The most recent meme was, "Spam filtering will save us all." Which, of course, it won't, so I'm pleased to see the clock has run out on that one. The new spam meme appears to be, "Spam has grown to be nearly half of all email."

This was reported recently on MSNBC. The Washington Post article linked at the top of this entry furthers that. The article quotes me, but somewhat surprisingly on the topic of managing spamtraps, for which my contribution is miniscule. I am pleased, however, to see the focus return to the burdensome costs of spam.

Wi-Fi for Austin

Link: Wi-Fi is Right for Austin.

I got a few minutes at last night's City of Austin Telecommunications Commission meeting to advocate for Wi-Fi wireless networks deployment. I feel like we are so behind the curve on this important technology.

SXSW Debriefing

SXSW Interactive is nearly over. Officially it's done, but it really doesn't end until the fat lady is singing on Bruce Sterling's front doorstep. Before I crawl into the corner to collapse and vegetate, I want to list some of my very favorite moments of the conference.

Public Service Announcement

We interrupt this weblog for a very important public service announcement:

Do not, under any circumstances, order the BBQ Sandwich at the convention center concession stand.

Thank you, we now return you to our regular programming.

Blue Haze of Doom

It should have been a very good night. But it wasn't. Thanks to the management at Antone's, I ended up sick and convinced that Austin really does need to expand its no-smoking ordinance.

I Want My HBO


Last fall, Time-Warner announced that premium channels such as HBO would move off their analog network. The local monopoly daily newspaper (which is too lame to put their archives online) published an article about this on November 23. A lot of people, particularly in the local newsgroups, were upset by the announcement. I promised to investigate.

AFD Incident Number 308610

Incident Date: 02/16/2003 06:54:38

Remarks: This call was originally dispatched as a trash fire. On arrival we found heavy smoke that obscured most of the building and residents were in the street and directing us with great urgency. We thought that the fire had extended to the structure and I called for a BOX alarm at the address. We pulled our rack line and were able to extinguish the fire quickly. The BOX alarm was canceled at that time. No extension into the structure and damage was confined to the fence and some tires in the yard. A resident stated that the fire was probably caused from BBQ pit ashes left there from a previous BBQ fire.

Officer in Charge: Mark Fleischauer, Fire Specialist

Yes, it's truly a delight living next door to a pack of morons.

4,836 Spare Hours in Austin


Austin Blog Day is now over. During this time, many Austin Bloggers posted their ideas about what to do with Four Spare Hours in Austin.