TxGov20Camp -- Austin Website Session


I moderated a session this morning at Texas Gov20 Camp on open data issues in the City of Austin website redesign project. This post collects some of the resources from that session.

Session Title:
AustinGO: Can the city and citizens collaboratively develop an open platform?

The City of Austin is in the process of creating a new web site, built on an entirely new publishing platform. As part of this project, the City has entered into an agreement with OpenAustin, a private group of local volunteers, to help build tools on the new platform. We'll get an update on the project, and discuss what will be required for this collaboration to succeed.

Chip Rosenthal -- moderator, Austin Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission (chip [at] unicom [dot] com)
Matt Esquibel -- City of Austin
Dan Pattyn -- OpenAustin (dan [dot] pattyn [at] gmail [dot] com)
Rob Pettengill -- OpenAustin (dan [dot] pattyn [at] gmail [dot] com)
Jon Lebkowsky -- EFF-Austin (jon [dot] lebkowsky [at] gmail [dot] com)


http://www.austingo.org/ -- AustinGO, CIty of Austin government online initiative website

http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/purchase/notices/MSO0050/ -- Documents produced during phase one

http://openaustin.posterous.com/ -- OpenAustin blog

http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/austingo/downloads/open_austin_charter.pdf -- Strategic partnership agreement between City of Austin and OpenAustin

http://infochimps.com/datasets/infochimps-properties-of-usable-datasets -- Infochimps properties of usable datasets

http://opengovernmentinitiative.org/ -- Open Government Initiative

http://publicequalsonline.com/localopengovdirective/ -- Local Open Government Directive

Faceted Search Examples:

http://bit.ly/gTrQLj -- City of Austin 311 data

http://www.askaboutoil.com/WWWVLibPEN/ -- A bit more finished example is the WWW Virtual Library for Petroleum Engineering:

http://www.askaboutoil.com/WWWVLibPEN/Edit?q=%28wwwVLibID=217%29 -- An example showing a faceted classification interface.