DTV Transition Coverage Today

We got some really good coverage of the DTV Transition issue today.

The news has been reporting the Nielsen statistic that Austin is currently the fourth least prepared city in the nation. That's the bad news, here is the good news: the report two weeks prior had us listed as third, and the local rate of improvement is outpacing the national average. So there's hope that with the added attention we can close the gap during these final days of the transition.

Many news outlets reported on the DTV Walk-In Centers that were announced by the city.

I talked to several local news outlets today.

News 8 Austin was on location all morning, do live reports every half hour. Thanks to Heidi and her crew for rolling out so early and giving the issue so much coverage. Here is her story: City aims to help as DTV transition deadline looms

Jenny Hoff of KXAN channel 36 came by and did a live report noontime. Here is her piece: One stop shop for DTV

Finally, Jeff Beckham of Austinist did his part to keep the local hipster population informed: City Stepping In To Help With DTV Transition

Thanks everybody for the good coverage today.


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Meh. Yeah, my TV quit


Yeah, my TV quit working, so I had to wander down to Radio Shack and buy a couple of those converter boxes.