How to Cheat at Holidailies

Holidailies 2008 badgeToday is day 11 of Holidailies 2008, which puts us about a third of the way through the month of daily postings.

When I participate in Holidailies, a theme often emerges, albeit unintentionally. For instance, back in 2005, the theme was "open source". I was doing a lot of open source software work that December, so, sensibly enough, I blogged a lot about open source software.

The theme for this year, sadly enough, seems to be rants.

I need a new hobby.

Oh, wait, I've got a hobby. It's coding Holidailies.

Rants aside, I've kept up with the expected one-a-day posting rate. Unfortunately, I jumped in a day late (I told you, I was busy coding), so I've been one post behind all the way through. That means I've been straddling the dreaded line of doom: the horizontal separator drawn in the left sidebar that separates the winners from the slackers.

Today, I'm going to fix that. I will make that extra post that catapults me into the legion of Holidailies success.

Here is the secret technique for cheating the "one post a day" rule to catch up from behind.

First, pick a topic. Any lame topic. Meta topics, such as this one, are the perfect height for catchup lameness.

Next, the Holidailies portal actually will let you post multiple times in a day. It enforces a minimum posting interval, which currently is set to twelve hours, so you could do one post in the morning and another in the evening. (Don't be surprised if the posting interval gets reduced later in the month. We often do that to make it a little easier to catch up.)

So here is my lame meta-post. All I need to do is remember to write something tonight and—voila!—I'll be all caught up.


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I love the "secret post more entries" thing.

I have FINALLY caught up on day 11, after having missed 4-5 days at the start. FINALLY. I am so proud.

Of course, I'm going to fall back behind again this weekend, and then the entire Christmas week....

My secret technique for

My secret technique for catching up (or not falling behind) is the picture post. I haven't had to use it yet this year, but it's a sure bet I will before we're done.