Holidailies: I Can Haz Credit for Code?

Holidailies 2008 badgeHo, ho, it's time again for Holidailies.

I couldn't leave well enough alone, so we've rolled out a completely new site infrastructure. The design is very similar to previous years (albeit with the annual logo and color changes), but what's underneath is completely different.

The previous Holidailies sites have been custom PHP implementations. This year, I built a whole new site around the CakePHP framework.

It's been a lot of work, maybe 400-500% that which I anticipated. In other words, it's right on par for a successful software project. (The bad software projects are even worse.)

My good friend and mentor Bill Kennedy used to say, "Bad breath is better than no breath." That's about how I feel about CakePHP. As I've gotten into it, I've found numerous things not to my liking, and I'm not sure I'd use it again. But it's still a billion percent improvement over doing web development with no framework at all.

The old system was a bit rickety. The change has been worthwhile. Now there is a real authentication system, with self-service profile updates and password recovery. (In years past, there would be a rash of panic helping people with site access problems, and making corrections through manual database changes.) Also, the framework makes it easy to provide write-preview-post type operations, as well as view/edit/delete actions. That's led to several useful improvements in the site.

So far, the feedback on the changes has been very positive. And, thank goodness for small favors, the bug reports have been few and minor.

If I could get credit for code, which I have been generating at a furious rate since Thanksgiving week, I'd have satisfied my Holidailies posting requirement. But it doesn't work that way. Here's post one. We'll see how many more I squeeze out during the 31 days of Holidailies 2008.


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Thanks for All the Work

Thanks for all the work. I have no idea what it looked like last year, since it's my first year, but I know how much of a time sync pet projects can be.


Last year's site is posted at 2007.holidailies.org.


Well done! As an enthusiastic participant, I appreciate your work on this. :-)

It's Lovely Code

I like the way it works and we all know you registered your site as a test case. (Jette's, too.) But we love to have something to read if we have time to read!

credit yes!

I think that the new site looks (and works) fantastically, and I love the little features you added in. The problem with beautiful code is that it looks effortless, and I for one think that you deserve some definite props for all your hard work.

p.s. your captcha answered itself for me with the example question, which I thought was kind of cute. I mean not that I can't add two single digit numbers under normal circumstances, although I am pretty bad at math...