SXSW Panel: Access TV - Old School Media Confronts New Tech

I submitted a proposal for a panel at the 2009 South by Southwest Interactive Festival called "Access TV: Old School Media Confronts New Tech."

The description of the panel is:

Access television has given voice to local issues since the 1970s. More recently, media consolidation, television demographics and new technologies have radically changed the media landscape. What will the technology-enabled public soapbox look like in the future, and will old school community media play a role?

It appears in the SXSW Panel Picker here: You can go there and vote for this panel (please! please!) as well as give any comments or feedback.

I posted a longer, detailed comment at the panel picker. Unfortunately, the formatting got a bit munged, so I'll reproduce it here:

Hi, I'm the proposer of this panel. Thanks for checking it out.

Sometimes it seems like there is a chasm between the people who produce traditional community media (cablecast access television and the like), and the people who produce new online media (podcasting, online video and such). This panel--a community media-focused panel at SXSW--seems like the ideal opportunity to bring those two worlds together. Maybe we'll even find a few pioneering souls who are working in both.

It will be interesting to compare the challenges and opportunities of each realm--possibly synthesize some strategy that effectively spans both worlds.

The sort of people who I hope will attend are:

  • Online media producers who are interested in connecting with local audiences with traditional community media.
  • Access television producers, zine writers, and the like who want to take advantage of electronic media to extend their reach and audience.
  • Public policy and interest wonks, who can help understand the impact of issues such as net neutrality, telecom deregulation, and the like.

I've got some excellent people who have offered to assist me in preparing this panel, and, I hope, will be able to serve as panelists.

Dr. Laura Stein is a professor in the Radio-Television-Film department in the University of Texas at Austin. She has some keen insights in media policy issues. (

Linda Litowsky is the executive director of Channel Austin, the non-profit that manages the public access television studio and channels for the City of Austin. ( She also is a member of the board of directors of the Alliance for Community Media. (

So, if this sounds interesting to you, please show us some panel picker love. Moreover, please leave any comments you may have with suggestions or direction.

If you think this might be valuable, please visit the SXSW Panel Picker and vote for this proposal.


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