FAIL: Album Cover Guesser

screenshoot of music album cover guesserI was using the Amarok "Album Cover Manager" tool to fill in the missing cover artwork in my music collection.

It has a "Fetch Missing Covers" button, which goes to Amazon and retrieves the artwork it needs. The lookup often makes mistakes, particularly because I tagged artists in a discouraged "Lastname, Firstname" form. Still, it's easier to fetch them all, then go back and manually fixup the ones it got wrong.

I ran it over several hundred albums. It made a lot of mistakes, but none quite so hilarious as the one to the right. The album cover you see is what it selected for London Calling by The Clash.


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I think we should have Sesame Street cover graphics for ALL our albums. Although I'd prefer Cookie Monster and Grover to Elmo. I'm now trying to figure out which Muppets would best suit which artists: Rowlf the Dog for Warren Zevon? Cookie Monster for John Hiatt? Kermit for James McMurtry?

I think this actually falls

I think this actually falls under the category of EPIC FAIL.


I've gotten so similarly weird results from the iTunes auto cover art tool before but I don't think I've ever gotten any that off the wall!