Best Breakfast...All Made in Austin

I had the most phenomenal breakfast this morning. It occurred to me afterwards that it was completely made of foods from local Austin sellers.

First, there was the migas quiche by The Soup Peddler. I've had a few things from them, and everything has been extremely flavorful and delicious. Past favorites include chicken corn chowder and chicken pot pie. I'll add the migas quiche to the list. The crust was very tasty and flaky, a little worse for the microwave reheating but still quite good. The filling was light and tasty, and not the "you've got 20 eggs in your mouth" feel I've had with some other quiches.

The quiche was topped with mild salsa from Hill Country Homestyle Canning. I was already a fan of their pickles. Their plain dill pickles are a favorite. The salsa is remarkably fresh and tasty.

Finally, my beverage was Alfred's Blend coffee from Anderson's Coffee. I discovered their coffee many years ago, but got out of the habit of buying from them. Their hours are inconvenient, and it's become so much easier to find coffee beans in the store. What I forgot, however, is how great their coffees are, even compared the the beans you get at the upscale yuppie market store.

This morning's breakfast may not win my "Best Breakfast Ever" title--that's held by my pancakes with fresh pecans and apple smoked bacon. Instead, I'll give it the "Best Quick Breakfast Ever" title, thanks to the foods from several great local merchants.