So Long, and Thanks for All the Holidailies

Holidailies 2007 badgeAnother year of Holidailies now draws to a close.

At the start of the month I said:

I crashed and burned on Holidailies last year. We put a lot of work into the promotion and development. Sold a lot of ads. Had more participants than ever before. It was the most successful—and most difficult—Holidailies iteration ever.

Even worse, with all the growth and success, it seems like Jette's original purpose may have been lost.

With those words in mind, I'm going to declare Holidailies 2007 a big fat success—at least for me. I had fun with it this year.

I'm also proud of the way the community supported the Holidailies Charity Project. We raised a small amount of money for First Book. Even more importantly, we got people thinking and writing about charity and giving, as well as giving good publicity to this particular charity.

Jette wrote a nice Holidailies wrap-up entry, and I want to join in her appreciation for everything that made this year such a success.

Special thanks to the Holidailes Readers Panel members. Some of them have toiled even harder than the writers, ensuring that every single one of the 3674 portal entries (to date) was reviewed at least twice by independent readers.

I'll also join Jette in expressing thanks to all the writers, and not just those who met the daily posting challenge, but also those who stayed with it and supported the effort even after they fell one or two (or sixteen) entries behind.

My goal for Holidailies 2007 was to rediscover the fun in it and I did. I hope you did too.