My Favorite Linux Distro

Today's Holidailies writing prompt is, "What is your favorite Linux distribution?" Seeing that I'm the person who contributed that prompt (albeit kind of in jest) I suppose I should answer it.

I don't have just one favorite Linux distribution. My favorite depends on the application.

For desktop systems, I am using the Kubuntu Linux distribution. It's a variant of the widely used Ubuntu Linux distribution. I like the Ubuntu family of distributions because of the robust development activity and the large number of applications available. I'm using Kubuntu on my main workstation chinacat, my laptop hepcat, and my living room media computer coldsnap. It's a good fit for all those situations.

For Internet server systems, such as mail and web servers, I prefer the Debian Linux distribution. I like Debian because it, in its default state, is a minimalist environment and it offers a lot of control. I believe exposed servers should be small and controlled, to minimize security exposure. I think Debian is a good fit for this situation.

For application and data center servers I prefer either the Red Hat Linux distribution or its non-commercial alternative the CentOS Linux distribution. Red Hat is pretty big and it's preferred practices don't offer the same level of control, but it's pretty robust. I like using Red Hat or CentOS in a corporate environment behind a firewall.

Different environments have different requirements. That's why I think it's good to have a number of Linux solutions available.