Hey kids!

It's a tasty treat
that's fun to eat!

Try some today!

You'll surely say ...

Yum! I love my spambait!

Can o' SPAM® Can o' SPAM® Can o' SPAM®


Stamp Out Spam!

This page is devoid of useful content. If you want to know what spam is, why it is bad, or what can be done about it -- then you surely are in the wrong place. Try the Fight Spam page instead.

This page feeds the spam-spiders that crawl the net gathering email addresses to attack. The links in the bar to the left generate web pages with gibberish email addresses. Those bogus addresses pollute the data gathered by the spam-spiders.

The very first 'bot bait generator I've seen was the makebait script by John Harvey. I ran it here for several years.

These days, I use wpoison to generate my web pages. I added a filter to rate-limit the output to about 100 chars/sec. Not only does that prevent the spam spiders from consuming all my network bandwidth, it helps keep them tied up here a bit longer.

If you are still hungry, you can find more pork delicacies on the net. Visit Yahoo for a listing of 'Bot Bait sites.

SPAM is a registered trademark of somebody-or-other.

Chip Rosenthal

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