Let's Save the Riverside Library

Library Commission Resolution

The Library Commission is an advisory board appointed by the City Council. Their job is to advise the Council on matters concerning the Austin Public Library.

During their August 18 meeting, the Commission unanimously passed the following resolution:

Whereas the Riverside Branch Library

i) is the only branch library in the geographic area bounded by the river, Hwy. 183, Ben White Blvd., and I.H. 35

ii) is in the top two-thirds of branch libraries both in book circulation figures and in patron use

iii) and is a leased facility only by the historical accident that no bonds have yet been offered to voters to make it permanent

Therefore, the Library Commission strongly recommends that the City Council add $192,000 to the 1998 Operating Budget for libraries to continue funding of this facility and the important services it offers to a large segment of the citizens of south Austin.

The friends and patrons of Riverside thank the Commission for their strong support.

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