Let's Save the Riverside Library
The Programs that Make Riverside Special

Mystery Book Club

The Riverside Drive branch of the Austin Public Library has been host to the Mystery Book club for over four years. The club meets every month and is composed of approximately 35 members whose primary interest is in reading books about mysteries, criminal activities and intrigue.

During that period the Club has been privileged to hear a large number of speakers, including several local award-winning authors, a forensic artist, book dealers, a criminalist from the Department of Public Safety's Crime Lab, a private detective, an archeologist, a legal investigator and a mystery play director. Other club activities included studying the biographies of several mystery writers; participating in mystery games; watching and discussing famous mysteries on video; reviewing popular mystery books; and attending mystery plays at local theaters.

These programs have been most enjoyable and have broadened the members' understanding of the writing and merchandizing of mystery books and of the activities of people who work in the field of criminology.

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