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Job Information Center

The Job Information Center (JIC) is a special library collection housed within the Riverside Drive Branch Library. The Center is used daily by individuals and groups ranging from first time job seekers to seasoned veterans of job search.

This resource library contains a number of useful materials housed in a comfortable quiet setting of the Library. A job bank includes current job openings in the private sector, City of Austin, Texas State agencies, and federal government, as well as volunteer opportunities. Applications in all these areas of employment are also available for patrons to copy. Riverside and the JIC offer job seekers access to the Internet, personal computers with GED instruction and typing tutorials, typewriters and a word processor.

The library materials in the JIC contain a wealth of information in the form of career encyclopedias, business references (such as information on companies), and books to guide job seekers in rsum writing, interviewing and job search how to. Job seekers can make use of Riverside Library's many magazines, newspapers, and journal subscriptions too. Newspapers from San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Austin (as well as local and special interest publications) provide job listings and vital business information. Other invaluable job search articles (and more listings) are found in the National Business Employment Weekly, Austin Business Journal and Book of Lists, the Occupational Outlook Quarterly, National Ad Search, Federal Jobs Digest, the Austin American Statesman Job Source, and a variety of career magazines for youth.

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