Let's Save the Riverside Library

Petition to Save Riverside

The petition is now closed. We have collected up all of the signatures and comments to be passed on to the City Council. If you didn't get a chance to sign, you have until Monday, September 15 to tell the Council what you think about Riverside. That's when they will vote on the 1997/98 budget.

Please help us save the Riverside Library. Sign this petition and let the City Council know how you feel.

Right after the petition is a space for you to post your comments. We are collecting up all the comments and posting them to this web site. We also will forward the comments along to the City Council.

Following that is a signup form that you may fill out if you'd like to help our efforts.

Petition to Save Riverside

Dear City Council,

We value our neighborhood libraries. They are a part of what makes Austin special. Please don't close the Riverside Drive Branch Library.


(enter your name here)

Tell Us What's On Your Mind

Why is Riverside important to you? Would you be sad to see it go? We'd like to hear your comments. We'll post selected comments to the web site, and pass them along to the City Council.

If we post your comment, can we print your name too?
No, just use my initials.

Are you a student?
Yes, I am in grade

Note: If you are under 16, please do not fill in the questions that ask personal stuff like your phone number. Remember -- never give that sort of stuff to strangers on the net. Maybe you can get your Mom or Dad to fill out a petition.

Help the Effort to Save Riverside

Will you help us keep Riverside open?
Sorry, I can't.

How can we contact you?

What are you willing to do?
I will contact the City Council by phone.
I will write letters to the City Council.
I will send email to the City Council.
I will attend the Sept 8 public hearing.
I will get friends and neighbors to sign a "Save Riverside" petition.
I can spend time at Riverside during the day, to talk with people and circulate petitions.
I can spend time at Riverside during the evening or weekend.
I can

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