Let's Save the Riverside Library

The Austin City Manager is trying to shut down the Riverside Drive branch of the Austin Public Library.

That's "shut down" as in permanently closed.

We think that's a really bad idea. It's bad for the people who use Riverside. It's bad for the whole city. We setup this web page to tell you why.

This can't happen unless the City Council gives the go-ahead. We need to convince them that our neighborhood libraries are important.

Please look over the information here. If you agree, then we sure could use your support.

[EXTRA!]News Flash!

Mon, Sept 15 - We did it!

Today, the Council approved an amendment to the City of Austin 1997/98 Budget that restored full funding for the Riverside Drive branch library. The amendment passed unanimously, and without discussion.

Congratulations and thank yous to everybody who participated in the "Rescue Riverside" effort.

While this means that Riverside is safe for another year, its future remains uncertain. This was the third time the City has tried to kill Riverside. Riverside remains vulnerable until we find it a permanent home. We need to convince the City Council to hold a bond election to build facilities for the three library branches that still reside in rental locations.

A Riverside Celebration

please join us for
Music, Munchies, and Merriment
in thanks to all of our supporters

Tuesday, September 23
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Riverside Drive Branch Library
2410 E. Riverside Drive
(next to the Presidio 8 theater)

Available Information

Here is what you'll find on our web site:

We Need Your Help

Here is what you can do:

Public Hearing

There will be a public hearing in front of the Council on Monday, September 8. It will be from 3pm to 9pm in the Council Chambers at 307 W. 2nd Street. This will be your opportunity to make your feelings known to the Mayor and City Council. It is crucial that we have a good turnout at this hearing.

If you have never attended a public hearing, we've put together a page that tells you how it all works.

Austin Free-Net

Hey! Are you using one of the Austin Free-Net Internet access stations? How about leaving this page on the screen when you are done? That way the next person can learn what's going on. If you want to visit the usual Free-Net startup page, just click the logo.

The AFN is not associated with nor has it endorsed our "Save Riverside" effort. Their logo is displayed only as a navigational icon to assist library patrons.

[MAIL] by Chip Rosenthal for the Save Riverside Coalition.
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