Let's Save the Riverside Library
Support from our Commercial Neighbors

Tokyo Electron America

Tokyo Electron America, Inc.
2400 Grove Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78741

September 3, 1997

Dear Mayor Watson,

While we have not had the opportunity to be formally introduced, I cannot think of a more appropriate opportunity. I am writing to ask your support for something very important to Tokyo Electron ... our neighborhood. More specifically, to support our neighborhood efforts to keep the Riverside Branch Library open and available to the local patrons.

Mayor Watson, I certainly appreciate the City Manager's attempts to trim the City's budget. I struggle with this same issue on a daily basis in this multi-billion dollar, international corporation. However, as a company with a strong commitment to our employees and clients, it is the bigger picture -- especially the picture of where we need to be tomorrow -- which motivates us to invest in areas of our company that may not seem to have the big immediate payoff. I am urging you to do the same with your library system.

Tokyo Electron America located its U.S. headquarters in the East Austin neighborhood of Montopolis last year. Since then, we have worked with our residential and corporate neighbors on many significant issues - not because we should, but because we are proud of our neighborhood and intend to enjoy our local community for many years to come. We encourage empowerment. We encourage education. We encourage communication. We encourage quality of life. If the Riverside Branch Library is closed, this Southeast Austin area will be hard-pressed to facilitate those worth goals. This facility and its materials -- the reference center, the job center, the periodicals -- have allowed our neighbors to flourish. Tokyo Electron is dedicated to fully supporting any effort made to keep that source of inspiration alive in our community.

Mayor Watson, please feel free to call on me or other representatives from Tokyo Electron to support a campaign to save the Riverside Branch Library. Thank you for your consideration of our neighborhood and I look forward to personally meeting you soon.


Barry Mayer
Vice President Administration

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