Let's Save the Riverside Library
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Advanced Micro Devices

5204 E. Ben White Blvd.
Austin, TX 78741

September 4, 1997

Dear Mayor Watson,

As you are well aware, the recent proposal to close the Riverside Branch Library has alarmed many East Austin residents. My office has received several calls requesting AMD's support in this issue.

Having worked with many individuals in this area of town, we fear the closing of this library will send a very negative message to a group of citizens who already feel neglected by the City. More importantly. it would take away learning resources at a time when education and literacy are critically linked to obtaining marketable skills. Those who currently use the facility will not likely travel to other parts of town (i.e. across Interstate 35) to frequent other libraries.

We understand that the decision is driven purely by economics. However, a short-term fix to save $192,000 does not seem in the best interest of the City considering the area's project growth as a result of the new airport. Already, the Del Valle Independent School District has sited a new elementary school in the immediate area. The ideal solution would be to construct a permanent library facility in the area and to get out of leasing this facility altogether. In the meantime, we urge you to consider leaving the Riverside Branch open.


Allyson Peerman
Community Affairs Manager

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