You May Already Be a Winner

John Hiatt's next album, his first on Capitol Records, is scheduled for release on October 24. It is titled Walk On.

Can't wait 'til then? We don't blame you. We've got an advance cassette of the album and it is killer!

In fact, thanks to the nice folks at Capitol Records, we've got a small pile of the tapes. Would you like one? Starting Oct 11, we are going to draw a name a day and give away tapes until the stack is gone (which means the giveaway will run for about a week).

Whoa! Stop!

Sorry ... you missed out on all the fun. Here are the lucky winners:

Contest Winners
1. Marc Gold Montreal, Quebec
2. Randy Cullar Oakley, California
3. Todd S. Bishopp Olympia, Washington
4. Mike Shelton Durham, North Carolina
5. David Rotella Niagara Falls, Ontario

Although the tapes are all gone, you can play ``John Hiatt trivia'' here. Just answer the questions on the entry form, and a friendly robot will grade your answers. No, you won't win anything, but I'm sure you'll have a ton of fun anyway. (C'mon, humor me on this one...).

Contest Entry Form

Here's The Drill
Check out the rules (below), fill out this form, and then take a whack at the button at the bottom. We'll throw your name into the hat. We'll select a name a day, and notify the winner by email. If we pick your name (and your answers are right!) we'll let you know. You'll have until midnight CDT the following day to get back to us with a surface shipping address.

Your Real Name:
Your Email Address:

Alright ... now put on your thinking hat ...

On ``I Can't Wait'' (from Walk On) John sings a duet with a Grammy-award winning artist whose breakthrough album covered John's ``Thing Called Love.'' Who is that singer?

Which of the following guys, John's sidemen on Walk On, did not record and tour with ``John Hiatt and the Guilty Dogs?''
David Immergluck (guitar)
Davey Faragher (bass, vocals)
Michael Urbano (drums)

Which of the following world-class slide guitar players has never recorded with John?
Ry Cooder
Lowell George
Sonny Landreth

Double-check your answers, then ...

The Fine Print

Chip Rosenthal

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