Alex Jones Busted

I'm surprised the local news outlets haven't picked this up: local conspiracy theorist and media star Alex Jones was busted in New York City for...well...being Alex Jones. Apparently Alex led a group of people who crashed the taping of Geraldo Rivera's TV show.

Says Geraldo At Large host Geraldo Rivera to the crowd, chanting "9/11 was an inside job" at the beginning of the show: "Get a life." ...

Mark Geragos [article does not identify who this person is] contends with a man with a loudspeaker, who was later arrested and identified as 33-year-old Alex Jones, prominent figure in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Jones was later charged with operating a bullhorn without a permit.

You can read the original article (and weep over the poor editing, if you are so inclined) here: Fox News' Rivera ridicules 9/11 Truth activists, man arrested on camera


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re: Alex Jones Busted

Alex Jones is to Truth what the Bible is to Reason.