New Method Embeds Spam in PDF Documents

new image spam embedded in PDF documents

Here is the good news: the amount of image spam in your mailbox may begin dropping off.

The bad news: that's because at least one spammer is switching from image files to PDF documents to carry their spam.

I received my first such spam today. Some Google searches show articles starting to appear this week on the issue. Here is one.

The spams I've seen contain graphic images—similar to the ones you probably are used to seeing already—only embedded in a PDF document.

There will be a lag while spam filters are retrained to find spam in PDF attachments. So expect several bumpy months ahead. Of course, once the defenses against PDF spam are in place, the spammer will switch to some other carrier, say MS Word documents.

This only underscores the point that content-based methods for identifying spam are a lose. Spam needs to be managed at its source.