Pet Adoptees Need to Chill Out

I just read that the Austin Humane Society lost their AC system two days ago and things are really heating up in there. I feel badly for the pets (and the workers) at that facility.

We adoped our little buddy Rufus from the Humane Society shelter. It was a good experience, other than feeling sad that there were so many pets needing a home, and we couldn't adopt 20 kitties. We're glad that they were nice to Rufus until we could come along to find him.

The Humane Society needs a new AC system and commercial HVAC systems are awfully expensive. There have been problems with the system at the city's public access television facility and I've been learning what's involved in fixing that. So I can totally believe that the Humane Society will need to raise as much as $300,000 to solve this.

I can't adopt 20 kitties, but I can afford a small donation. It sounds like right now that's the most critical need. It's easy to donate online.