Will TIF Fee Finally Die

Last month, I blogged about the State suing a phone carrier over bogus fees charged to phone users. I applauded the move, but pointed out that the biggest source of bogus phone fees is the state itself.

Turns out somebody at the Capitol must read my blog. This week the House passed a bill to drop the fee associated with the now-defunct Texas Infrastructure Fund. TIF was created in 1995 to put computers in schools and libraries, setup community networks, and the like.

In 2003, Governor Rick Perry declared "mission accomplished" and ended the TIF program. But the fee remained, and monies collected were passed on to the general fund. That's not right. If you are going to call it a TIF fee, then you'd best use it for "TI", not a general tax.

Oh my, Dick Armey and I agree on something. That's scary.